Idaho Line Card

IDAHO Line card

Apollo Power Solutions

HVAC/R: LeakPruf, FlexAdapt, BondPak, MicroTITE, PressuRITE, DigiDial. Agricultural: HortiPOD, HydroPOD


Inverter Ducted Air Source Heat Pumps, Mini Splits, and Geothermal Heat pumps. Condensing & Residential Cast Iron boilers, Indirect Fired Tanks, Radiators, Gas & Electric Tankless.


Innovative Solutions for Plumbing and Hydronics systems.

Electro Industries

NorAire air to water heat pumps, Commercial and residential Electric Boilers, Electric make-up air, zone controllers, and other hydronic accessories

Fisher Faucets

Commercial faucets and drains for restaurants, hospitals.


Quality shower and bath products including: shower bases, mop sinks and instituional products.


Hydronic and domestic recirculation pumps, Pressure boosting for residential and commercial applications.

Hydrolevel Company

Meeting the changing demands of boiler manufacturers and heating contractors.


Ductless mini-split rough in boxes and refrigerant line-set flashing systems for commercial and single and multi-family installations.


On-Demand Commercial Water Heaters & IT Innovations.

JJM Alkaline Technologies

Innovative condensate neutralizers for the heating and plumbing industries used in residential and light commercial installation

King Electric

Residential and commercial electric heaters, hydronic heaters, heating cable, and electric furnaces.


Manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial Plumbing and Drainage Products - floor drains, roof drains, cleanouts, carriers, interceptors, trench drains & more.


Direct buried pre-insulated piping for steam, hot and chilled water distribution systems


Commercial Air to Water Domestic Water Heat pumps, Gas Condensing and non-condensing boilers, Condensing and Electric tank style water heaters, Custom Storage Tanks


Pipe Sealants and Solvents, DWV Solutions, Leak Detection, Firestopping, Specialty Tools.


Residential and commercial fixtures.


Life, safety and comfort solutions for commercial and residential systems.

Western Pottery

Toilets and lavs engineered for optimal performance.